The Maffia opened its doors for the very first time to create a coworking space. We were surprised by how easy it is to connect with people and share experiences and knowledge. Our freelancers were pleased to get to know each other and we are sure some of them will stay in touch for future projects. We wouldn’t want to keep all the benefits of coworking for ourselves so we listed some of them…

Expand your network

A coworking space boosts your network, this is probably the biggest advantage of working in the same area as other freelancers. You might make some friends, you might make professional contacts or even both. Coworking gives you an idea which projects other freelancers are working on and what’s trending in other industries. Meeting new people from different backgrounds is a great way to gain more knowledge. And who knows, there could be a potential collaboration between yourself and other freelancers in the future. Did you know that Instagram, Uber, Spotify and many more famous companies started from coworking?

Get the work done

You might have experienced that working from home means dealing with distractions. Some people are more sensitive for these distractions and get less work done. Don’t want to feel disturbed by the TV, fridge or your friends anymore? Go to a coworking space, you’ll experience some great working vibes. Seeing other freelancers work stimulates you to work harder and get through your tasks and we guarantee that you’ll feel more productive. There is even an extra advantage: Freelancers in coworking spaces respect your privacy and won’t need you to answer work related questions like colleagues in offices do.

Separating work and home

Working at home makes it difficult to switch off the work modus and to relax. There will always be a pile of work waiting for you which never seems to end. Where do you draw the line to call it a day? Here is where coworking could give you some peace: you’re able to separate your private and professional life. Working in a different environment works inspiring which improves the creativity and decreases the feeling of isolation. Leaving the coworking space means ending your work for the day and start enjoying some free time.


Freelancing itself already comes with a lot of flexibility, coworking supports this. As a freelancer you’re probably used to freedom and flexible working hours. Working from 9 to 5 definitely isn’t always the case, right? Working in a coworking space gives you the freedom to come and go whenever you like, there will always be some working spots available. You’re not stuck with fixed office hours and you are able to work at your most productive hours.

Save money

Freelancing can have quite a few overhead costs. Instead of going out for three Starbucks coffees a day, you can just grab a coffee at the coworking office. You’ll save a lot of money on those coffee and lunch breaks. Everything you need is ready for you, all you have to bring is your laptop and creativity.

P.S.: Want to take a look behind the scenes of The Maffia and enjoy a coworking day? Keep an eye on our website and social media and we might see you soon.

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