We do things our way.

For employers

Part of Cronos / &KOO Group

Our freelancers are experienced professionals specialised in digital marketing, communication and advertising.

The Maffia is part of the Cronos &KOO Group, with 5.000 digital marketeers and IT-ers, many of whom work independently.

Finding the right expert isn’t easy
We’ve gathered the independent experts in 1 fine collection.
Only 1 place you need to look! And there’s always The Fixer who you can count on to help you out with your search.

Good to know: they set their own price and pick their own assignments. So be kind.

For freelancers

A Maffia Family member is a happy human being. Because he’s free, he makes his own choices. And therefore is a highly motivated person.

The Maffia is there to support independent professionals in that way of life. It gives you a Family: people you can count on or ask something. Or to work together on assignments. The Maffia does everything possible (besides the horse head, that’s just a joke) to endorse you.

Organise for our members to meet and exchange experiences and ideas. Look for relevant trainings. We spread the freelance word to potential clients and are always available as your personal sounding board or ping pong buddy.

Yes, a full Maffia membership is charged and registering is free.

This is how it goes:
Once you are registered, we search the right assignment for you.
When we have an assignment that you find attractive and you are hired, you become a full member of The Maffia.
Compare it with Touring road assistance: No cure, no pay.
A one year membership costs € 225 excl VAT, the renewal is € 195.

Very important:
We never take a margin on top of your fee and we never tell you what to charge for an assignment.
You are doing the (without a doubt fantastic) job, you get paid for it.

I need this job done yesterday!

Push this button or call Simon +32 486 95 06 01

We'll fix it!

We match competence and availability. The right freelancer for the right client. We’ll make sure the two (or more) of you connect on a professional and personal level.

Simon is our Fixer. He will find the creative team for the pitch, the digital strategist, UX’er, marketing manager, … you name it, he’ll fix it. Even when you need an entire project team consisting of multiple experts.

He’s also the “consulente confidenziale” for all members. No question, remark or idea is too crazy for him to see where he can help you out. Like teaming up members who need someone else’s expertise.

Call +32 486 950 601 or mail him, to find out how he can support you as a freelancer or as a client.