5 tips to help you out as a freelancer

Freelancing is great. And it is increasingly popular. But it is not always easy. Julia Rose has 5 tips for freelancers to make life easier. We’re listing the short, or TLDR, version. The full article can be found at Medium

1. Find a support group

So you’re branching out on your own. That doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Find a group of freelancers or entrepreneurs you can share lessons wit hand learn from. At The Maffia for instance, we’ve got your back. Join our LinkedIn group. To find jobs, but also to meet interesting people. 

2. Research your hourly rate, prices and packages.

We all underprice ourselves in the beginning. How can you figure out an hourly rate? What the hell’s a package? Ask fellow freelancers, because not everyone will be willing to share their pricing strategies, but some might. Now, this doesn’t mean you should charge exactly how others do. It simply provides you an idea of the market rate and comparable services. 

3. Keep free consults short and sweet.

As tempting as it is to want to make recommendations on the spot to “book the job”, be careful of how much of yourself you give in initial meetings. By keeping them short and sweet (half an hour max), you ensure you get a feel for the project, and let can let them know what you offer. Next — talk budget — make sure they’re right for you as much as you are for them.

4. No budget? No proposal.

Ask for budgets up front. It helps to make sure someone is serious about the work and decision-ready. A well thought-out proposal takes time. And time is money. 

5. Prepare for ups and downs.

Freelancing can be hard. Sometimes you have too much work, sometimes none. Be ready for that. Have a financial buffer for when you’re not working. Don’t forget to keep marketing yourself when times are good. You’ll need new clients eventually. But most of all, take care of yourself. Don’t neglect hobbies, family, … In the end, you have to do all the work. That ‘s not going to happen if you don’t look after yourself. 

We’re hoping you found some inspiration from our 5 tips for freelancers! Go check out our top 5 online tools to help freelancers with their business!

Good luck! And remember, The Maffia is there for you. 

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