Dentsu Consulting and The Maffia: Raising brand awareness for EG Medical

EG Medical has a 54% share of market in generic medicine. It’s well known with doctors and pharmacists. But the consumer doesn’t know the brand at all. So joined forces to raise the brand awareness of EG Medical, by making people realize that they probably already have an EG product in their home. EG sells 75.000 packs of medicine per day.

Wim Vermeulen, strategist at Dentsu Consulting, contacted THE MAFFIA for an experienced creative team. Philip Maes (sr copywriter) and Sven Van Hooydonck (Art Director) joined the team. 

Step 1: RAISING THE QUESTION (teasing fase)

We asked Belgians one simple question: “What does almost every Belgian have in their home, without knowing it.”  We aired a bunch of surprising and hilarious answers online. And we used radio to spread the question nationwide. Working our way up to a reveal.


After a couple of weeks, we revealed the answer: a pack of EG is what most Belgians have in their medicine cabinet. Check it out!


Then we aired the video ‘The viking and the little girl’. And told the story of how EG works and thinks: we all should be able to buy affordable medication. To help the ones we love. Because you would do anything for a loved one. The video became a huge success and was watched over a million times on Youtube.

The Viking and the little girl

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