Stay on budget as a company with our finder’s fee.

If you’re looking for a freelancer, you might get the impression they’re expensive people. We believe every freelancer brings value to match their fee. That’s why we don’t interfere with the price you agree on with them. Talent without overhead, we like to call it. That’s why we work with a finder’s fee: a way to stay on budget as a company!


That is not always the case. Most companies who supply freelancers charge a margin on the daily fee of the freelancer. That can make a freelancer 20 to 30% more expensive for you. We don’t work that way. The Maffia charges a one-time finder’s fee for the freelancer you work with. The longer you work with them, the more advantageous that is. Completely the opposite of a margin system.


Suppose you hire a freelancer for €400 a day. Agency X charges 25% margin per day. We charge our finder’s fee.

Assignment        Margin 25%      Finder’s Fee

1 month                   € 2.000                  995

2 months                   € 4.000               1.295

3 months                   € 6.000               1.595

4 months                   € 8.000               1.895

5 months                   € 10.000             2.195

6 months                   € 12.000             2.495

The 6 month fee is our maximum rate. You’ll never pay more. So the longer you work together, the better it is for you.

Want to know more? Contact Simon, our fixer or check out our pricing module!