Guide: How to build your personal brand

As a freelancer, you are a brand on your own. Personal branding is about developing your skills in a continuously way, it’s is more important than you might think. But how do you build your personal brand? We’ll provide you with some tips and tricks.

Start thinking about yourself as a brand

When you’ve just started working for yourself, it might seem difficult to promote yourself as a person. The main question you have to ask is: “What do I wish for  people to associate with me?”. Take a look at famous brands, they say what they’re good at and why. That’s exactly what you as a person need to communicate about. Once you’re clear in your communication, you’ll be able to start thinking more strategic but of course in a human way.

Associate with other strong brands

Your personal brand can be strengthened or weakened by your connection to other brands. Connect with brands who have similar interests and goals just like yours. But be careful: your personal brand could get affected by a bad reputation from another brand you’re connecting with. Try to find a group you can join with similar brands. Opportunities are just around the corner, don’t miss them.

Identify your passions

Find out what you like to do, you’re probably good at it. Use your strengths as your billboard. Only when you know your strengths, you can convince people to choose your brand instead of another. Once you’ve started working, it’s important to keep improving your knowledge and skills. Keep going to events, seminars, classes or other things that improve your knowledge.

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Online presence

No need to explain the necessity of being online. Not online yet? Don’t wait too long, there are so many opportunities out there, it’s your choice to grab them. Try to google yourself to see what people are saying about your brand. Not only do you have to create content for your personal brand, you also need to be responsive to what is being said about you. But… It’s not all about the online world. Don’t forget to pay attention on your offline presence, the impression you give people about who you are as a person is as equally important as how you present yourself online.

Our tip: We check the LinkedIn profile from our freelancers, yes we do. A first impression, and we couldn’t emphasize this more, is the most important thing if you want to qualify for the job. Present yourself in a professional yet outstanding way and highlight what you can offer to a company.

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