Being a freelancer has many benefits. You can choose your own customers, you can determine your own work hours, you’re your own boss, you can avoid the busy commute and did you know freelancers are even less likely to get sick? But apart from all the benefits, freelancers also face a number of challenges. One of them is creating a productive work environment. Since many freelancers work from home it might be a challenge to create your own working spot without too much distraction. In what follows, we’ll list a few tips on how you can create a productive work environment at home.

1. Get up at the same time each day

Knowing you have the freedom to plan your whole day, may result in you staying in bed till 10 am. Even though the temptation is real, try to create a routine and get up at the same time every day.

2. Get dressed

When you work from home it might be tempting to stay in your pajamas or training all day but it has been proven that getting dressed appropriately in the morning has a positive effect on your productivity.

3. Develop a routine

Determine strict working hours. For example say that you’ll work from 9 am till 6 pm. Try to limit work interruptions to strict necessities.

4. Find your own private spot in the house

Try to find a spot in your house that you can make your own workplace. A place that you can provide with necessary supplies like chargers, pens, a desk lamp, etc. This way you’ll have everything at hand when you need it. Ideal would be that you can close off the space so that you have privacy during meetings, phone calls, Skype calls, etc. so that you won’t be interrupted by your children or even pets.

5. Add some green

It’s no secret that plants have multiple positive effects. One of their benefits is that they convert certain toxics into oxygen. It is also proven that the presence of plants reduces stress. And well admit it, it just looks good as well.

6.Know yourself

Last but not least, you can read as many tips on how to create the perfect work environment, if you know working from home won’t work for you, you can always try to work at a coffee house or a library. Lots of people also like working at co-working spaces. This too has many benefits. You can read all about the benefits of co-working in one of our previous blog.

Do you have any other tips?
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