Digital Project Manager

The Maffia and a full service digital agency are looking for a Digital Project Manager.

You effortlessly guide your team from one project to the next without losing sight of your client’s and colleagues’ needs.

  • Location: Zandhoven & remote
  • Employed: ASAP
  • Experience: medior
  • Availability: Full-time
  • Languages: NL/EN

In a nutshell

  • You’ve got nerves of steel. You keep your cool, lead your team and guide your client.
  • As a pragmatist and analytical thinker, you contribute to your team’s thinking process and challenge their ideas.
  • You are a perfectionist with eye for detail. You closely monitor your team’s progress and ensure you deliver a polished product.
  • Thanks to your technical background, you know the ins and outs of digital projects. For the more technical details, you can lean on a team of digital experts.
  • Flexibility is a must in this ever-changing digital environment


  • You enjoy juggling multiple projects. These projects can vary from launching a webshop to creating a new branding up until setting up and executing marketing activities.
  • You’re aware of your team’s progress but you also consider the direction in which your clients are heading. You won’t pass up any potential opportunities with existing clients to upsell so you can continue to provide them with a premium service.
  • You will lead a team of 5-8 people. The profiles vary from Digital Designer and Content Creative to Front End Developer, Back End Developer and Growth Marketer.
  • The digital world is your natural habitat. You’ve already led many digital projects with success. You know, for instance, that Angular is a Javascript Framework and that mobile development requires a different process than web development.


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