5 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire a Freelancer

The workforce landscape is changing. We’re shifting from the structured 9-to-5’s to a new, more flexible workplace norm. Some employees want to work one or more day(s) at home, but it goes beyond that.

Some people don’t want to work for only one company as well. They want to choose for who they work, where they work and at what time. You’ve definitely heard from them: freelancers.  

With a fluid work environment, there’s pressure to adapt quickly to new trends. If your company doesn’t have the human resources to take things to the next level, you risk to be left behind. A freelancer could be the perfect solution for a threat like this. In the following article, you get 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a freelancer.  

1. Freelancers will work when they feel most productive 

Freelancing can take many forms. Some freelancers are creative night owls, others work at designated hours. Some prefer to have their hands in many projects at once, while others prefer to focus on only a few projects. But what they all have in common is that they are their own boss and they can make up their own day planning. Some days you feel very productive and have a lot of energy while other days, your focus is bad and you need more breaks. This is something that happens to everyone from time to time. But the difference here is that you’re paying your employees for all the hours they’re at work and that a freelancer only charges you for the time they’re actually working on your projects. You won’t be billed for cyberloafing or extra coffee breaks.

2. Freelancers can be timesavers

Freelancers are experts in the services they provide. They can finish some tasks in no-time compared with the time it will take you or your permanent staff to do the task that is outside your usual skill set. It all depends on how valuable your time is. Besides, freelancers won’t get caught up in office politics or never-ending meetings. 

3. Freelancers can save you money 

What’s the point of hiring a fulltime employee when you don’t need the employee every day? Some projects can be finished in a couple of weeks – or months –, maybe a few times a year. For example, think about a graphic designer who gets hired for visualizing a campaign. Despite the higher hourly rate, you can save a lot of money each year by opting for a freelancer. 

4. Freelancers can think outside the box 

There’s a pretty good chance that a freelancer will think (and act) differently than your usual worker bees. A freelancer can blow some fresh ideas into your business. Besides their expertise, they sometimes already have tried and tested a lot of things – probably for you competitors, so they know what works and more importantly what doesn’t.  

5. Freelancers are motivated people 

After all, freelancers are running their own small business. Since they don’t have a permanent employer, they will strive to produce their best work. They have to prove their worth with every project they’re given and consequently, they will be in charge of customer service and quality control. Freelancers often thrive on repeat business and want you to recommend them to your business partners. This way, the freelancer can reap the beneftis of this snowball effect. 

There are probably many more benefits for hiring a freelancer, but these were the 5 reasons that popped immediately in my head. I hope you’ll consider to hire a freelancer sometime and give these independent self-empowered people the chance to spread their creativity over you business.

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