Qualitative freelancers and professionals
Without margins

Short intro:

  1. Established in 2003, part of the Cronos group since 2017.
  2. Because of  our own experience as freelancers, we link clients to professionals in a different and transparent way. 
  3. To guide this successfully following elements are crucial for us: competences, availability, quality and price. 


The network:

  • Focused on (digital) marketing, (online) communication, advertisement & audiovisual.
  • › We have 8.500 members. These are junior, medior, senior and award-winning professionals. 
  • › Available for assignments from 1 day to > 1 year with an availability of 10% to full-time
  • › You negotiate the day rate directly with each other, The Maffia doesn’t take a margin


Discover a few of our professionals:

The idea behind our business model:

When the intermediary (The Maffia) takes a smaller fee, it becomes cheaper for the professional and the client.

The consequence: The Finder's Fee model:

  • The Maffia doesn’t take a margin on top of the day rate of the freelancer. 
  • We work with a Finder’s Fee, this is a one-off amount linked to the term of the assignment. 
  • This way you don’t pay a margin of 20 to 40% on the day rate. On average, our Finder’s Fee comes up to € 60 per day. 


They already chose the Finder's Fee model:

The Maffia Customers
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