Discover our transparent businessmodel

The collaboration

  1. We listen and translate your needs into the right competences.
  2. Afterwards we look for freelancers who match those competences and who are available for the assignment.
  3. We interview & screen the candidates, next we introduce the most suitable people to you who is up for the task.
  4. All these steps above are for free. The profiles we propose will be linked to The Maffia for 12 months, but we only ask for a compensation when the person is actually hired by you. No cure no pay.
  5. When this person gets hired we don’t take a margin on the daily rate. We work with a one-time Finder’s Fee.

The search

To find the right person for you, the following variables are crucial:

  1. Competences and experience
  2. Availability
  3. Quality and references
  4. Price
  5. Location

Comparison test

“Margin per day” or our “Finder’s Fee”. What is the right model for you? We made the comparison:

The network

  • A network with more than > 7.000 members.
  • A focus on (digital) marketing, communication & advertisement.
  • A network of junior, medior, senior and award winning professionals.
  • Available for assignments from 1 day to > 1 year with an availability of 10% to Full-time.

Media strategy, Storytelling, copywriting, Growth marketing… these are some of the services that our professionals have to offer. Because we have been in business for years, we know these people and understand the depth of their competences that they offer.

Finder's Fee: two rates

What now?

  1. Start now and find the freelancer/professional that you need!
  2. “Margin a day” or  “Finder’s fee”? Calculate your benefit!
  3. Marketing, communication… Check all the competences that we offer.
  4. Any more questions or would you like to speak with us? Contact us.