Discover our transparant businessmodel

How it works

Starting point:
It’s not the freelancer that’s too expensive, it’s the margin taken on him that makes it so expensive.

The collaboration

  1. To assign you the right assignments, it is necessary that you tell us what you’re good at. This will take 3 minutes.
  2. Then we search for the assignments that match your competences and your availability.
  3. When the assignment we found interests you, we look through it in detail together.
  4. We then directly introduce you to the client.
  5. All these steps are free of cost. You only become a paying member when you actually get started. No cure no pay.

Paying member: two rates

  1. The first year
    The membership is €225. You only become a paying member when you actually get started.
    Unlimited amount of assignments.
    The subscription has a duration of 12 months and starts at the beginning of your first assignment.
  2. The following years
    When the membership gets extended the rate drops to €195.
    The renewal of the subscription always gets communicated.

What you get in return:

  • We bring you in direct contact with the client.
  • You directly negotiate your day rate with him.
  • We don’t take a margin on your rates.
  • You get a correct price per day.
  • It also remains affordable for the client, which means they will post more assignments.
  • You only become a member when you receive the contract.

Nice to know: the client pays us the Finder’s fee of € 30/day.

The network:

  • We are a network of junior to award winning professionals.
  • We put the focus on (digital) marketing, communication & advertisement.
  • We are available for assignments of 1 day to > 1 year with an availability of 10% to Full-time.

Do the bullets above resonate with you?
Then join The Maffia now and receive assignments that match your profile.

What now?

  1. Is everything clear?  Join the maffia in just 3 minutes.
  2. Do you have any questions? Contact us.