The beginning

The Maffia was established in 2003 by copywriter and entrepreneur Philip Maes. In 2017 the company became a part of the Cronos Group. During this period The Maffia has expanded itself to a trusted company. Because of this the company was able to build a loyal and high-quality portfolio.

In 2019, freelancer and entrepreneur Simon Coppens became head of the company. Based off his own experiences as a freelancer he devised a transparant and cheaper businessmodel, which benefits both the freelancer and the company.

To support all this, The Maffia enlisted the help of Cronos and the Koo network. Companies like Lunar, SuperMachine, Sprints & Sneakers support The Maffia. Together they build this transparant and correct model.

Simon Coppens

Freelancer and entrepreneur

It is in the spring of 2019 that I was approached by Cronos with the question if I would like to reposition The Maffia. Of course, with my experience as a freelancer I eagerly agreed.

In my last endeavor I would constantly look for assignments through an agency because they now the market and they know my competences. Despite the fact that the collaboration would go smoothly, I would always run into the same problem: the price per day.

As a freelancer I would often get asked if I could lower my day rate because the assignment was long term, with a big brand or a great opportunity.

And when I would get employed, they would take a margin of about 30% on my day rate. But when the assignment would get extended, the margin of 30% that the client would pay per day, would just go on.

When I found out that I wasn’t the only freelancer with this problem, I decided to take matters in to my own hands and I devised a new business model for The Maffia. That’s why The Maffia doesn’t take margins on the day rates, but uses the one-off Finder’s Fee.

“It’s not the freelancer that’s too expensive, it’s the margin that get’s taken on him that’s too expensive.”

This way freelancers don’t get pushed off the market and using them stays affordable for the client. At The Maffia we want to offer transparant added value for the freelancer and the client.

Isabelle Depauw, Job & Talent Connector

In a professional environment I’m passionate about 2 subjects : communication and human contacts.

From the first moment we’re born, we start to communicate. It should be easy? Not at all … 🤔
Just look at the covid communication the past months, … Not easy, but all the more fascinating!
That’s why I love communicating with others, connecting people, meaning something for someone.

The Maffia gives me the opportunity to combine both passions.
We live in a different new economic landscape with lots of changes on many levels also in terms of employment.
‘Going to work’ has completely changed in the actual circumstances.

The Maffia connects marketing and communication professionals with clients.
We do this through a transparent and socially responsible business model based on a finder’s fee.
No daily commissions on the dayrate of the professional …
Helping to further introduce this model on the Belgian market is a captivating challenge for me with an ideal mix of my passions.

Laurence De Backer, intern

In secondary school I was taught “marketing and entrepreneurship” for the first time. From that moment on I started to have a passion for marketing. I learned a lot from this, but I still got hungry for more. Communication and the way of communicating is an important aspect for me. It ensures that a company can tell its story and mean something for its fellow human beings.

Because I wanted to delve further into this, I decided to study business management marketing at HoGent, with communication as a major. A new challenge that I was a bit afraid of, but I certainly didn’t want to give up. I took this opportunity with both hands and went for it completely. At the end of January I got the results of the last exams I had to take. And now the real work begins: internship!

My goal was to do an internship in a company of my choice whose values ​​and story inspired me. When I read the story of The Maffia I immediately found what I was looking for. After a conversation with managing partner Simon Coppens, I was even more convinced. Here I want to use all my knowledge to be able to realize something effectively. Simon is a passionate person who wanted to give me the opportunity to be part of his team. I am very grateful to him for that!

I am curious about what I will be able to learn during this fascinating internship period and I look forward to getting to know more about the world of freelancers!

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