The beginning

The Maffia was established in 2003 by copywriter and entrepreneur Philip Maes. In 2017 the company became a part of the Cronos Group. During this period The Maffia has expanded itself to a trusted company. Because of this the company was able to build a loyal and high-quality portfolio.

In 2019, freelancer and entrepreneur Simon Coppens became head of the company. Based off his own experiences as a freelancer he devised a transparant and cheaper businessmodel, which benefits both the freelancer and the company.

To support all this, The Maffia enlisted the help of Cronos and the Koo network. Companies like Lunar, SuperMachine, Sprints & Sneakers support The Maffia. Together they build this transparant and correct model.

Simon Coppens

Freelancer and entrepreneur

It is in the spring of 2019 that I was approached by Cronos with the question if I would like to reposition The Maffia. Of course, with my experience as a freelancer I eagerly agreed.

In my last endeavor I would constantly look for assignments through an agency because they now the market and they know my competences. Despite the fact that the collaboration would go smoothly, I would always run into the same problem: the price per day.

As a freelancer I would often get asked if I could lower my day rate because the assignment was long term, with a big brand or a great opportunity.

And when I would get employed, they would take a margin of about 30% on my day rate. But when the assignment would get extended, the margin of 30% that the client would pay per day, would just go on.

When I found out that I wasn’t the only freelancer with this problem, I decided to take matters in to my own hands and I devised a new business model for The Maffia. That’s why The Maffia doesn’t take margins on the day rates, but uses the one-off Finder’s Fee.

“It’s not the freelancer that’s too expensive, it’s the margin that get’s taken on him that’s too expensive.”

This way freelancers don’t get pushed off the market and using them stays affordable for the client. At The Maffia we want to offer transparant added value for the freelancer and the client.

Salomé Heyman, intern

From a passion to a job

Ever since I was a child I’ve been bitten by communication. Writing, reading and talking are the three main things that keep me busy day and night. It was obvious that after secondary school I would continue to work with that great passion. That’s why I decided to study communication management in college. To this day I’m still very satisfied that, thanks to the Artdevelde University College, I am able to keep immersing myself in a subject that’s close to my heart.

Before I graduate, I got the opportunity to take a thirteen week long internship. The search for the right internship was no easy task. For me personally it was very important that there was a match with the colleagues but also with the vision and mission of the company.

The fact that The Maffia has devised a fairer and cheaper system, both for the companies as for the freelancers, immediately spoke to me. Also working with Simon was something I was looking forward to.

I’m very curious as  to what The Maffia will teach me and I’m eager to manage the company together with Simon.

Rebecca Adjei, intern

A True Storyteller

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley

As a little girl I was always creative. From writing my own stories to drawing and painting the characters. I was always telling a story. Because of this I chose to study marketing at the university college of Ghent as this was the perfect combination of business and creativity. At the end of my studies it was inevitable for me to choose an internship. It was important for me that I chose an internship with a company whose core values were aligned with mine. And The Maffia excelled in that.

With this internship I intend to not only learn a lot but also to share the story of The Maffia and her freelancers with the world.

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