When knowing people doesn't work anymore

The audiovisual sector and The Maffia strengthen eachother by linking the demand for skills to those who are available, without taking a margin on the freelancer.

“Do you know a setdresser who is currently available?”

Skills ranging from animation to electro, make up & hairdress, producers, sound engineering to VFX. In total there are 30 different ones specifically in the A/V sector.

How does it work?

When clients are looking for certain A/V skills, they use our tool called ‘MaffiaMatch’. When you have the right skills, you will be asked through Whatsapp if you are available for the assignment. This method allows The Maffia to help those who are available now or those who soon will be available without charging any great costs.

What to do?

  1. Have any questions? Dont hesitate to contact us or read how the collaboration works.
  2. Everything is clear? Join MaffiaMatch, it doesn’t take 5 minutes to sign up and we will start looking for assignments for you!