MAFFIAMATCH: Your direct contact with clients!

MaffiaMatch Dashboard: a simple way to get in direct contact with your client
MaffiaMatch Dashboard: a simple way to get in direct contact with your client!

Did you know there is a platform where you can easily get a match with your client, based on your personal competencies and availability? A tool which allows you to lean back with your feet crossed while notifications about job offers pop up on WhatsApp or e-mail? No?!

Then hear us out, because we got something special in store for you!

After months of research with developers from Lunar, we are ready to introduce you to our newest Tool: MAFFIAMATCH. Although we always have spread our assignments through our website and our LinkedIn group, we decided to go the extra mile and invent something to make the life of the freelancer and our clients much easier.

Sounds great! But how does this work?

The use of this new tool is very straightforward: Both our freelancers and clients must create an account on our website. The freelancer must list his personal competencies and the sector in which he wants to be active. Whereas the client indicates which competencies he needs for a certain job, when the job will start, how long the assignment will last, where the assignment will take place and in which sector the freelancer will be employed. Once we’ve reached 500 freelancers in our database, MaffiaMatch will also be available for our clients!

Amazing… but what’s so new about it?

The freelancers who match their competencies with the required criteria receive immediately a push notification with the job information via WhatsApp or e-mail. when you indicate you’re available for the job, a chat window opens where you can discuss the assignment anonymously. From the moment you want to start working together, your data will be made available to each other. And by the way: the matching process will be carried out by an algorithm, a first in the Belgian freelance market!

So now maybe the most important question: What about pricing?

The most significant feature of The Maffia, hence our name, is that we don’t work with the usual 20 – 40 percent margin a normal enterprise would take on your day rate. We think this margin is completely out of proportion, so we overthrew the usual pricing policy and made it something of our own:

Assigment via an agency : € 500 (freelance digital marketeer) + € 150 (margin agency) = €650 (price client)
Assigment via The Maffia: € 550 (freelance digital marketeer) + € 20 (finder’s fee) = € 570 (price client)

Instead of making you lower your price with € 50, it is our goal to help freelancers to add interesting jobs to their agenda while you also earn a fair price without it becoming a too expensive operation for the company.

How does it work?

You tell us what your skills are, where and the number of hours you want to work… and we look for jobs that suit your profile.
Via Whatsapp (or mail) we keep you up to date on our jobs that fits your profile. If you’re interested, then there will be an interview. Only if the job is yours, you become a full member of The Maffia. 
It works just as Touring Assistence: no cure, no pay.
A Full Maffia Membership is charged and registration is free. A one year Membership costs € 225, the renewal is €195.

The number of jobs is unlimited. When your year is over, your membership will not automatically or silently be renewed. We focus on (digital) marketing, communication and advertisement and at the moment we have several available jobs.

So to make things short: What’s in it for me?

  • MaffiaMatch allows you to get in direct contact with your client, which makes it financial more interesting for you.
  • You only receive assignments which match your profile description and competencies via WhatsApp and/or e-mail.
  • Registration is very straightforward and easy. It only takes you three minutes to step into the future!
  • You’ll get in touch with one of the most profitable agencies you’ve ever known in your career, with the best database of freelancers! The Maffia of course ?

The years and years of endless scrolling in search for a job offer is over. With MaffiaMatch, the job will come to you! Do you want to be part of our newest innovation and haven’t registered yet? Join us now! ?

Klik hier om je te registreren!

Can’t wait to fill in one of our jobs right now? Take a look here!

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