Top 5 online tools for freelancers

Nowadays, a freelancer needs to be able to do more than just stand out in his or her expertise. Because the freelancer works on an independent basis and is able to determine whether he or she wants to work for a certain company, there are a lot of things that freelancers have to arrange themselves. Luckily, the business is responding well with high-powered tools which freelancers can use to be more efficient. Because many freelancers sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees because of the huge amount of applications, we give a brief list of the five most efficient tools to make your life as a freelancer easier:

1. Toggl

We start off with Toggl: Toggl is one of the most user friendly time trackers in order to finish your assignments. It gives you an idea on how much time you spend on a certain task with a single click. For a freelancer, Toggl can be extremely handy when you only work a few hours on a project. You can easily switch between different tasks and create reports on how profitable your projects are. Stop calculating the hours you’ve worked on a project by yourself, open Toggl and throw your traditional ways of bookkeeping on the shelf!

Price: basic version is free!
(starter version is 9 $ per user/month)

Top 5 online tools for freelancers: Toggl

     2. Trello

Today, Trello is the tool for the slobs among us. The tool is suitable for structuring and organizing your own projects. With a few simple clicks you can create clear lists and columns in which you can carry out your tasks. You can also use labels and intuitive boards to further divide and share your tasks with several people, in order to make sure that everyone is on the same wavelength!

Price: basic version is free!
(Starter version is 9.99 $ per user/month

Top 5 online tools for freelancers: Trello

3. Bonsai

As being said in the beginning of this article, freelancers have a lot to do in their average working day. Looking for assignments, communicating with clients and other freelancers, meeting your deadlines etc. These responsibilities can sometimes make the freelancer’s life hectic, which makes it very easy to mess up the important task of invoicing.

No freelancer wants to work hard and then find out that he’s facing payment issues, just because a mistake he made in an invoice. And that’s where bonsai comes in handy. Bonsai’s online invoice software takes this burden off your shoulders and makes your job quite easy! All you need to do is enter the data into the invoice template, provide basic information such as deadlines, day rates… and the rest is done automatically. Bonsai eliminates the chance of a human mistake and saves you loads of time. When you are dealing with several projects on a daily basis, this can be a true life-saver as it is highly efficient.

Price: 12 $ per user/month

Top 5 online tools for freelancers: Bonsai

4. Slack

With Slack, the days of endless scrolling through your mail is over. Whilst email can sometimes be bulky and annoying, Slack will bring order to the chaos. Once you’ve registered to Slack, you can post mock-ups, read feedback, and communicate with other freelancers through different channels. Freelancers can also respond to DM requests from clients if another project is on the horizon.

Further, freelancers can create a shared channel for each of their clients, whilst keeping these channels within their own single-person work space. After your project is completed, your work and associated discussions stick around in those channels and can be referenced at any time. Slack gives you the opportunity to work closely with your client and develop a relationship that can lead to more jobs in the future.

Price: basic version is free!
        (starter version is 6.95 $ per user/month)


5. Freedom

Don’t you sometimes get annoyed by online distractions that keeps you from your work? Don’t you crave for a tool to block all distracting websites and apps? Well look no further, because Freedom is here to help you out!

Freedom is an app, which you can use on any device, that eliminates every single distraction you can find on the internet. It allows you to be more productive and cuts the bad habits of checking whatever digital source pops up on your screen. you’ll develop healthier, more intentional digital habits that gives you control over your time and attention. With your distractions blocked, you can get into a workflow and stay on task!

Price: 2.42 $ per user/year

Tool: Freedom

And last but not least, a little extra from The Maffia’s news agency:


Of course we cannot write an article about the 5 best tools for freelancers, without mentioning Maffiamatch. Right?! In november 2019, MaffiaMatch will be launched and we’re just too excited for this to shut up about it. With MaffiaMatch, freelancers will be able to receive job offers through Whatsapp or e-mail. The uncertainty on how to search for new assignments as a freelancer has come to an end with this new tool. As a first in Belgium, Maffiamatch distinguishes itself by using an algorithm that matches your expertise and skills to the job profile our customers need. Once a match is made you’ll be able to discuss the assignment directly with your client. Do you want to fill in your agenda with cool and challenging assignments that gives you energy? Then look no further! Go take a look & sign up here:

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Top 5 online tools for freelancers: Maffiamatch

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