From FAQS to FACTS 2019: Our most Frequently Asked Questions answered

In the past year, The Maffia has gone through a lot of changes: In February 2019, The Maffia got a new managing partner, social media channels were set up, a new business model was created and a brand new platform saw the light of day. It was a great year for The Maffia and in 2020, there are still beautiful things to come! But all these changes have also caused a lot of confusion, both amongst our freelancers and our clients. As we have been asked some interesting, sometimes a little bit weird questions this year, we have made a list to transform your FAQS into FACTS!

From FAQS to FACTS: The team behind The Maffia

So first of all, what’s up with the name ‘The Maffia’?

This question was asked a lot this year. Both on Facebook, LinkedIn and when we were chatting face to face with you: what does this name actually mean? And where does it come from?

Not many people know this, but The Maffia has been around since 2003. The company was originally established by copywriter and speaker Philip Maes, who invented the name for the company. The reason why we’re called The Maffia, is that we represent a strong family of independent professionals, without taking high margins on the day rate of freelancers. Therefore, we’ve got no connection whatsoever with the ‘real mafia’, as some of you have asked us before 😉 .

Who are the people behind The Maffia?

From the moment The Maffia joined the Cronos Group and had a new managing partner, the company started working with students and trainees! We’ve already received students from the University of Ghent and Hogent and new interns will be joining forces in February, exciting 😉 .

Today, managing partner Simon works with his intern Arthur, tackling the everyday challenge of freelancers in search of a job and clients who are looking for new work personnel. Whilst Simon’s main focus is on engaging with our clients and freelancers, the intern ensures our social media is up to date. For example, we are active on Instagram, Facebook and you can also find us on LinkedIn.

From which location is The Maffia working?

The Maffia has the privilege of working in the most exciting and hottest city of Flanders: Ghent of course! You can find us at the Lousbergkaai 106, 22b Ghent, where we’re co-working with several other companies under the Cronos and &KOO group. These companies include BOSON, Pickles, Sprint&Sneakers, Lunar and much more! Lastly, as a recruitment company we’re not only active in Ghent, but in the whole of Belgium and the south of the Netherlands.

In which sector is The Maffia active?

We can answer this question in two ways: on the one hand, we’re active in the recruitment sector where we connect freelancers and clients. On the other hand, we mainly focus our database of freelancers on the communication, marketing and advertising sector. Hereby, we offer no less than +50 services in which our freelancers are specialized.

This means you won’t find purely technical or financial profiles with us. But do you need a developer, copywriter, account manager, UX/UI designer, SEA specialist, digital marketer or any other creative genius to take your business forward? Just one phone call with Simon and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Besides matching freelancers and companies with eachother, do you have other services you provide?

To connect the right freelancer to the right client is the only thing The Maffia specializes in. What distinguishes The Maffia from its competitors is our service MaffiaMatch. This platform allows freelancers to get in direct contact with their potential clients, whereby they only see vacancies that match their competencies. Further, our clients can use this platform to find a suitable freelancer for their vacancy in less than 48h. Learn more about our platform MaffiaMatch and see how life suddenly becomes a lot easier!

Furthermore The Maffia organizes multiple co-working or networking days as well. These activities are intended for both our freelancers and clients, where we try to get to know you better! During the previous edition, we invited several speakers and the evening was served with pizza and wine. Keep an eye on our social media and be the first to spot our new upcoming event!

I don’t have an official freelance status, but I still want to be able to take on assignments. What do I do?

In the past year, we had a lot of independent experts who had this question. At The Maffia, you don’t need an official freelance status in order to receive our vacancies. Freelancers are able to tackle projects without having  a VAT number. These freelancers can make use of an intermediary with its own payroll system, such as an employment agency. This intermediary ensures that you are paid on time and that your administration is in order. To make use of this service, you’ll probably have to pay a small commission. The two biggest intermediaries in the market are Tentoo and

As a company, how can I see the different profiles you have in your database?

It’s not possible to view the details of our freelancers before you have been in contact with us. Our database contains all the information we need to provide you with the most qualitative freelancer. To take our screening process and the quality of our services a step further, you should first tell us what your needs are. The quickest way to get to know us better is just to call Simon on 0486 95 06 01. Don’t be shy and say hi to us! As far as we know, biting through a phone isn’t possible yet 😉

There you go. We hope the most common questions for 2019 are answered! Do you still have doubts or do you have another question? Send them to and we’ll send you an answer as soon as possible.

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