I Support Creatives is a service offered by Katrijn. Based in Ghent, she supports creatives worldwide in structuring and planning their projects. As an experienced project manager, she has the right tools to organize your time efficiently. By creating a visual overview, you get new creative energy and you save time to get even more inspired.

Different packages

In a nutshell

1.Structuring and planning your projects.

2.Draw up a strategy to achieve future objectives.

3.Further adjustment of future projects.

How it works

  1. You schedule an introductory meeting via the link on the site.
  2. Katrijn analyzes in which part of your workflow support is needed.
  3. What should you start, stop or continue to do? A action plan gets formed based on this.
  4. The action plan is implemented in your daily activities.
  5. During each session, progress is evaluated and focus is redefined.