We do things our way.

For employers

All skilled freelancers are busy, we know when they are available.

No margins on top of our people’s fees!
We opt for correct and transparant rates that empowers all parties involved.

? An agency adds averagely 25% margin to the day rate.
? The Maffia adds averagely € 25 finders’ fee to the day rate.

So 25 % becomes 25 euro:

? € 500 (dayrate) + € 125 (margin agency) = €625 (price client)
? € 550 (dayrate) + € 25 (finders’ fee) = € 575 (price client)

✔ Our FF is only charged if the freelancer starts working for you.
✔ Our goal is to help freelancers with interesting assignments while earning a fair price without becoming too expensive for the client.

Contact The Fixer, he knows who’s the One for your job.

For freelancers

Because good arrangements make the best friends… this is the idea behind The Maffia and our business model:

✔ Registration is free.  You tell us in 3 steps your services & competencies. Where you want to work, how much, etc…
✔ Then we will search for an assignment that suits you.
✔ Once we have an assignment that you find attractive and you are hired, you become a full member of The Maffia.

? Compare it with Touring Assistance:  No cure, no pay.

? A one-year membership costs € 225, with no limit on the number of assignments.
A renewal is lowered to € 195 and is not automatically renewed.

Very important
? We never take a margin on top of your daily rate and we don’t tell you what you must charge the client.

? It’s not freelancers who are too expensive, but – due to the margins added to our rate – we become too expensive.

? An agency adds averagely 25% to our day rate.
? The Maffia adds averagely € 25 to our day rate.

? € 500 (freelance digital marketeer) + € 125 (margin agency) = €625 (price client)
? € 550 (freelance digital marketeer + € 25 (finder’s fee) = € 575 (price client)

? It is our goal to help freelancers to add interesting jobs to their agenda while you also earn a fair price without becoming a too expensive for the client.

So join MaffiaMatch
? Jobs that fit you through Whatsapp (or mail).
⏱ Join us now, you are ready in less than 3 minutes and we start looking for the assignment that suits you.

Part of Cronos / &KOO Group

Our freelancers are experienced professionals specialised in digital marketing, communication and advertising.

The Maffia is part of the Cronos &KOO Group, with 5.000 digital marketeers and IT-ers, many of whom work independently.

Finding the right expert isn’t easy
We’ve gathered the independent experts in 1 fine collection.
Only 1 place you need to look! And there’s always The Fixer who you can count on to help you out with your search.

Good to know: they set their own price and pick their own assignments. So be kind.

We'll fix it!

We match competence and availability. The right freelancer for the right client. We’ll make sure the two (or more) of you connect on a professional and personal level.